Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sock it to Breast Cancer -- DIY KooZies

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month you will see everything from football players sporting pink to organized fund-raising efforts all across the nation.   I love that, if even for a month, Pink becomes a gender-neutral color.  Yay!
Last February while watching morning shows with my SWeeT MoM, there were several segments dedicated to prepping for your Super Bowl Party and since I love to Party and love EASY Tips - I decided it was time to create the Drink KooZie - with a striped tube sock.  What could be simplier right? 
Since I was hosting an October open house to share fabulous fall decorating ideas with friends - I felt pink was perfectly appropriate.  Plus, I'm in Texas where women loved a cold brewski just as much as men (or is that a Southern thing?).    I found these thick soccer socks at Walmart on the cheap and they were a perfect pink.  I cuffed them and cut them and gave them a new temporary home in my Riverstone Tapas Baker.
Since all the KooZies now look alike, I decided to distinguish them with fun Must-Have Mini Markers that I attached to the cuffed KooZie with a thin piece of beaded wire -- which added a nice bit of BLiNG BLiNG.
These chalkboard-finished markers are pure perfection and I seem to find excuses to use them (placecard holders, gift tags, buffet markers, herb labels and now we'll tag our KooZies).  You can write directly on them with chalk of course, but I love the smear resistance of the Bistro Chalk Marker, that allows you to wipe off your writing with a damp cloth so the Mini Marker can used over and over again.  Yay!
. . . and ladies, please don't forget the importance of regular self-checks and mammograms.  BooB HuG!
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