Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Got a Fever and It Needs More Mantels!

I've been on a quest for mantel ideas of late.  I redid the artwork around my mantels recently and wasn't quite ready to decorate for fall in the usual way -- though I admit I change up my decorating all the time.  Keeps the family guessing.  I'm leaning far into the more simplistic approach, using repetition and not a lot of fluff.  I can appreciate all tastes and styles, just finding myself taking the pared down route this year. I must be saving up my energy for Christmas this year :)

I pulled a selection of photos for thought and since I had them in my folder, I thought I would share them.  Trying to give credit where it is due; however I KNOW I will mistake many.

Here a discontinued Pottery Barn shelf found for a steal and used to create a mantel appearance on a large wall.  Seeing a lot of striking white vases this fall to add pop to the autumn color palette.
 Found items such as old windows find a home on many mantels.
 Love the simplicity of the branch bundle here - and the wreath on the firescreen rather than above the fireplace.
 Sweet Somethings Designs won me over with their fall mantel.  Love the layers of frames, and wrapped glass candlesticks for texture.
The first is a Willow House sister's personal fireplace mantel. Beautifully displayed with current (Large Galveston Hurricane to the right - http://susiev.willowhouse.com/) and some retired items to the left. Nicely done Jennifer!

Many folks are finding their plasma TVs have taken a prominent role over the fireplace. If this is the case, you can still decorate around it, just make sure your husband and his buddies can still see the scores rolling across the bottom of the screen and in the corner ;).
Very simple, large mirror, open frame with added texture.
 Large Mirror resting on the mantel, mixture of old and new is brought together.
Mixtures of vintage white and creamy pumpkins.
Strikingly simple
 To the more involved
 Love how your eye is first drawn to the bold white vase, second to the pop of deep orange in the pumpkin.
 One of my favorites - not a mantel at all, but a shelf that could easily take the place of a mantel in many homes.
 Rather ornate collections from Southern Living at HOME follows.   As Willow House we continue to carry the Cordova Firescreen, the Cordova Candle Sconces and the Drake Firefly lanterns.  (http://susiev.willowhouse.com/) You can find the Red Olive Jar in my outlet on my website right now.
 Again, Southern Living at HOME.  Willow House continues to carry Bradshaw Planters above and the Royal Street Urn to the right below. The Renaissance Candlesticks shown to the right can also be found currently in my website's outlet.
No doubt it is fall - Southern Living at HOME product showcase from 2009.  Willow House carries the Gail Pittman's Allegria Wall Tiles that adorn the walls and the Santorini Urn filled with wheat below them.  Love how they used the Red Mountain Iron Entertaining Stand as a wine butler.

I hope you found some inspiration for you fall mantel.