Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Women Need, and Why Willow House, Why Now?

Upon looking at some of the leaders within Willow House and "why" they chose to join direct sales, you will find many different reasons.  Perhaps it was a passion for young mothers who wanted to leave the business world and stay at home and raise their own kids. Then, the passion for retirement and aging women...the average age of widows in today's world is 56.  Women NEEDING extra income especially as they got older. Perhaps a "why" is helping women grow personally and professionally through direct sales and owning their own businesses.  Or another "why" is to help women find financial freedom.  Or another still might be passion, what drives me- is home.
I have a deep deep heart for the home but I must share with you that Willow House is not about "decorating and entertaining" for me.  IT HAS TO BE ABOUT MORE THAN THAT FOR ME. Somewhere down the road, I have learned that I can create a "home" wherever I am - in an apartment, in a hotel, in a half million dollar home. "Home" is a place of safety and refuge. It is a place to feed my family's soul. I am more interested in helping people design a lifestyle around warmth and comfort and solace.  It is unfortunate, families today are driven by fear, distrust of our government, and disbelief. One million families will lose their homes this year in foreclosure because our housing industry is BROKEN. In a good economy, that number is about 10,000. In 2010- it's ONE MILLION. Dear Lord...where are these people going to go?  The "need" for the food pantry is up 200%!  You may have thought you knew what the homeless looked like. The homeless looks just like us.

More and more families come "home" to rest and think. Home has to be where we come to cuddle and laugh and take care of each other. Home is where I teach my children that God hears the prayers of their hearts and it's safe to tell Him everything we're feeling. As a wife, and a mother and a woman, home is where I plan, and create and bless, and nurture, and re-cooperate and find the strength to get up and do it all over again.

So WHERE does Willow House fit in? WHERE is Willow House relevant?

Here it is. Beauty. Beauty heals. Beauty elevates the simple. Beauty re-stores and blesses and women NEED it. It is a NEED just like air, food, water.. (there is the need). Women need it and will continue to buy beautiful things to surround their world in. And women NEED 3 other things that we offer, too.

Women need Flexibility. Knowing what I know now about flexibility, this benefit is almost as important as income. To be able to make my own hours, work around my family's schedule almost sounds like a fairy tale...but it's real...and it's something we can offer.

Besides flexibility, Women Need Security.  Willow House is relevant because I have total control over my income. Contrary to popular thought, we DO have control over our incomes. We are not powerless.  We have been empowered with such great training and support.  Willow House offers the finest personal development program available and the only advanced design curriculum in the industry.  Willow House provides our business supplies.  Willow House pays all credit card processing fees, Willow House pays for all our Host Incentives.  Willow House pays for all of our special incentives.  Willow House is a Debt Free Company!  I love that I do not need to worry about my future with Willow House!

Lastly, I am burning up with desire to empower other women. As frightening as this world is, we are not victims. Women are a lot stronger than they think they are and a lot smarter. I want to help other women gain CONFIDENCE, SELF WORTH, and ASSURANCE.

At this point you may be thinking to yourself . . . this is all heavy. Why are you sharing all this with me today?

Discover or re-discover what you are passionate about TODAY...
At Willow House We Have
  1. The Power of Social Media to become America's FIRST Community Commerce Business.
  2. 25% INSTANT Paycheck the day (or night) of your party, or eCommerce order.
  3. 5% Business Supply Credit, based on your sales.  Instantly placed into your personal business supply account by Willow House, so you never have to pay for a catalog, style guide, order form etc.
  4. Totally FREE Hostess Rewards Program!
  5. No Inventory, No Deliveries, No Kidding!
  6. Online Ordering and FREE Willow House Community with Willow House Virtual Villages.
  7. No Credit Card Processing Charges.  We take all credit cards, and Design Consultants pay Nothing!
  8. Great Incentives that EVERYONE can earn!
We are the first Community Commerce Business Model in the United States. This Business Model includes 3 main components:

• Design-based Party Plan
• Enhanced eCommerce
• Media-Rich Online Community

Design-Based Party Plan Offers:
Design Emphasis on our products, and on "dressing" your home.
Sharing Tips and Ideas
Helping Hosts and Guests Discover their personal Styles
Providing Inspiration Guides (part of the starter kit and business supplies) and on-trend tips in companion piece (part of workstation)
Building self-esteem by helping Design Consultants Learn about Design. We are launching a full design curriculum for those that want to advance their design training.
Connecting with online community eCommerce.

Enhanced eCommerce Offers:
OnLine Ordering (October 1)
eBoutiques offering beautifully styled, high value products (coming early 2011)
Reverse auctions encourage more visitors to get the best price. Have your heard of Woot?
eOutlets: sharing discontinued and excess inventory products (October 1)
Co-owned by company and Design Consultants.
Host benefit from sharing.

Media-Rich Online Community Offers (all starting in December):
Innovative virtual community.
Hundreds of videos, search engine
The best blogs and home decor, design and entertaining
Connecting with those who don't attend parties
Willow House Live TV
Multiple sites, opportunities for information.

We truely are the next generation of direct sales and are helping people all across America start home-based businesses. We are leveraging social media wit this new business model. Combining these three elements eliminates each of their potential weaknesses while capturing their strengths.

Through September 30th you can OWN a business for $99 and get paid the day you party, or take orders. ENJOY training (yes I said enjoy), learning more about how to bring comfort to Your Home and help others do the same!  Develop Amazing Friendships all over the United States that will last a LIFETIME!  Take Amazing Trips that you have EARNED, not PAID FOR, but EARNED FOR FREE! PLUS...LOVE WHAT YOU DO Every Day of the Week! 
Consider This . . .

With Willow House, I earn over $45 an hour! When I do 4 shows a month, I work on average about 20 hours a month and earn around $900 just by going to a party!

Willow House vs. The Part Time Job
Part Time Job:
20 hrs/week (80 hours month) @ $10/hr = $800 a month

Willow House:
20 hrs/month @ $45/hr = $900 a month (not including bonuses like team royalties, free gift cards, monthly fuel bonus, free vacations and PIP bonus income as part of our leadership program.


So...what are you waiting for...get started TODAY!  214-212-5134