Friday, June 25, 2010

Fire Your Boss! Curious?

As I write to you today, our launch date for Willow House is approaching.
Only 5 more days to become a Willow House Founding Design Consultant.
We know we are launching the next-generation direct sales company that is going to rock our industry! We believe with our technological advances, we will make our businesses more accessible, desirable, easier, and worthy of joining -- we will meet head-on the buying patterns and behaviors of consumers today and tomorrow. We know that our company is going to experience tremendous growth this year and you have the unique advantage of partnering with our new technology and becoming unstoppable! We are not going to be Southern Living At HOME repackaged. We are becoming a new company with a new, never-been-done, business model. We can only tell you what we know at this time as we all wait for the big announcement at our national convention on July 16.

Check this out:

• New company, new name, new business model. Willow House is NOT just the merging of two companies, taking the best of each and putting them into a new gorgeous catalog. Willow House IS a brand NEW company with a NEW Business Model – one that currently does not exist in the sales industry. Our founder and Willow House CEO, Bill Shaw has over 35 years in the direct sales industry.

• Shipping rates being completely revamped. If we were to duplicate Southern Living at HOME's 2009 party history our NEW Shipping would reduce fees to customers by $3,500,000!! Incredible Savings we are passing on! Hostesses have always received free shipping and handling but some express concern for the cost incurred by their guests. No longer will this be the case – making it easier for you to book parties!

Easier ways for customers to do business with us (through new business model).

Technology being utilized to capture those not attending the party.

Increased booking opportunities. The main reason that women attend a party is to fulfill a social need, more so than to purchase products. A big chunk of women’s social needs are now being fulfilled on the internet through social media sites such as facebook. This fulfilling of social needs causes the demand to host or attend a party to become less than it was before. We had to not only REPLACE the demand, but continue to INCREASE that demand.

Increased income revenue with new revenue streams being established. Currently party plan direct sales companies offer 2 income streams – 1 earning commission by selling product through parties; 2 building a team. Willow House will be offering 6 (SIX!) additional income streams to our consultants!

Streamlining business operational costs to keep product costs at reasonable level and passing that savings on to our customers through value priced retails.

Company will be addressing all areas of challenges for consultants, to make it easier to have a successful business with us.

New updated personal consultant websites with technology working in a whole new way. YEAH!

THINK BIG program. We now have three full months to complete the three levels of $1000 each month and will earn business supply credit and product at each level (first partial month does not even count). Also, we have the added bonus of earning up to $2000 in a cash card for sponsoring and qualifying up to 5 people during that time. Because sponsoring will be put on hold in July, new consultants will have FOUR full months to reach the qualifying goal of 5 to earn the $2000 cash award. Sign up in June and you will have until October 31 to reach this goal. This will NOT be offered in August. We believe sponsoring is going to be easier as we attract a whole new demographic of young women and men to this industry as a result of what we are about to launch. Enabling you to build your team like never before! In August our Willow House executive team will be traveling all over the United States (local Dallas / Fort Worth date is set as Saturday, August 21 with Bill Shaw, our CEO.) offering Willow House opportunity sessions for local consultants to invite guest to hear first hand about our amazing opportunity.

• Sell $1500 in any month and receive a gas bonus of $50 every month you make that goal!

Speaking from my heart, I can also tell you that I never expected to retire from a 20 year career in corporate America when I joined Southern Living at HOME in October 2007. I joined knowing that we were moving into our dream home and my wish list was the entire catalog. I was asked by friends who saw my new goodies to consult at their parties so they could earn these goodies for free. Doing so gave me a new social outlet, a fun night out, and a new source of income that I didn’t expect. I didn’t expect success to come so easily, enabling me to put a few lofty dreams into reality. Now I would like to help others achieve their dreams. Does that mean telling your boss “you’re fired” and being at home for your kids (yes, kids can be the four-legged variety), or perhaps it means paying off debt and taking a few free vacations every year. Willow House will be the business that you will identify with. I promise you it doesn’t look like anything else out there!

If what you read intrigues you and you join before June 30, you have two opportunities to:

1) turn in personal retail sales of $1000 by the end of June and become a Founding Consultant;

2) Join by June 30 and be in the system to receive new technology updates and website in the first batch of consultants during our first phase release on August 4. This is HUGE! This allows you to be in that first group of consultants as we launch this new company (this will be the case whether you've sold the first $1000 by June 30 or not).

You can also take advantage of the July SALE as a consultant and sell product through emails, phone calls, and yes – even parties, because our Southern Living at HOME SUMMER SALE is so awesome! We expect there to be about 80 products at SALE prices up to 80% off! This SALE is a great way to make some extra money in July!

Are you on the fence? Perhaps you want to wait until you can hold a Willow House catalog and I have all the new company information to share with you?

If so, please NOTE: We will have the ability to only sign up 4000 new consultants beginning August 4, wouldn’t you like some of those consultants to be on your team, reaching their dreams? Why are we limiting recruiting? Simple. If we offered unlimited recruiting it would put us in a back order situation for the products we, as consultants need, and want to sell.

We will have a SMALL WINDOW coming out of our National Conference to recruit. If you are interested in hearing more when I return on July 18, please plan to attend one of my personal opportunity sessions at my home in Grapevine on Tuesday, July 20 – check my website under My Events for the available times and further details ( or we can schedule a private appointment (Coffee, Lunch, Drinks – yes, even Mickey D’s with the kiddos), if the private appointment works better give me a shout so I can add you to my appointment book.

Interested in learning more but don’t live nearby? Let me send you a no-obligation curious packet and let’s set up a time to follow up by phone. You can be trained via the web and tele-conferences on all aspects of our business, and I can tune you into group meetings within your area so you can meet your local ladies in the business.

If you are interested in learning more please email me at or call me at 214-212-5134 and I will help you get started.